Top Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding


Few of us have bottomless wallets when it comes to paying for a wedding.  When you are trying to stick to a strict budget for your wedding, it helps to think about the big picture. You need to allot enough money for the things which matter the most to you. Cut corners and trim the budget on all the extra, less important items. The top ten ways to save money on your wedding is as follows:

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1. Avoid Saturday. By choosing an off day, you will avoid paying a premium for services. You might also be able to afford your dream photographer, ideal wedding location or perfect caterer because of your wedding date choice.

2. Trim your guest list by moving your wedding elsewhere (such as a destination wedding.) Or politely explain the wedding is only for close family.

3. Repurpose items in your wedding.  Have your bridesmaid’s place their bouquets on the reception tables as centerpieces or order mini wedding cakes, allowing the confections to act as both a centerpiece and dessert.

4. Go online for everything from RSVPs to bargain shopping. There are many cost saving applications and purchases to be found online. It only requires time.

5. Call in favors from friends and family. Ask if any of them are calligraphers, DJs, aspiring photographers or florists. 

6. Remove the fat from your food choices.  Instead of offering hors d’oeuvres, a sit down meal and an open bar, schedule your wedding between meals. Offer only cake and drinks. Or lighten up on the food, eliminating some of the higher priced items.

7. Turn down the music by forgoing the traditional wedding band or DJ. Create your own wedding soundtrack by choosing music together and burning it on a CD.

8. DIY is for YOU! Creating your own wedding invitations, wedding favors or wedding programs is a simple way to save a lot of money. With today’s high quality DIY kits, all you need is a quality printer and time to create a professional looking piece.

9. Borrow traditionally rented items. Consider using family heirlooms such as candlesticks, wedding accessories or serving ware instead of renting or buying. It also adds a nice personal touch.

10. Elope! The easiest way to save a lot of money on your wedding is to elope. You can still throw a killer party, letting your friends and family celebrate with you but you avoid over  half of the fees related to a formal wedding.

The key to saving money on your wedding is to choose to forgo items which aren’t important to you in the long run. Decide on what you can’t live without and scrutinize everything else in order to save money on your wedding.


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